Hot Air Balloon Sponsorship

Why consider Hot Air Balloon Sponsorship?

A Hot Air Balloon is a unique form of advertising utilised by many companies both large and small all over the world. Effectively working as a huge 60ft, 360 degree billboard projecting your company/brand in a manner that cannot be rivalled by other media. For example, can you remember the last radio advert you heard?; the last newspaper advert you saw; or the last time you stood and took photographs of a billboard? - Let alone then uploading them to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter to share with your friends and family!

Who would see our balloon?

During a normal flight we will fly over towns, cities, villages, trunk roads and motorways attracting the attention of thousands of people per flight. When we attend a Balloon event this figure is far, far higher. An example is Bristol International Balloon Fiesta; this event attracts half a million people each year, all of whom would be exposed to your brand. This is before we even take off and fly over the city!

How much does a Hot Air Balloon cost?

The cost of a balloon can vary widely depending on the size, specification and most importantly, your imagination when it comes to the artwork! A regularly used comparison is with the cost of a car. A regular shape balloon with simple artwork could be similar to a small hatchback. A custom made, complex special shape could be comparable with a luxury sports car. There are many options that can be considered to keep costs inline with your budget and when split over the lifetime of the balloon any cost is reasonably low compared to other methods. Ultimately, we feel cost should not be the deciding factor!

Great! So how can we see what our balloon could look like?

If balloon sponsorship/advertising is of interest to you then we would be delighted to discuss the options in more detail. We can produce an initial design visual along with a competitive quotation so that you can begin to imagine what your balloon could look like. There would be no obligation on your part and should you wish to take the idea further we could talk in more detail to get to a solution that suits your exact requirements. In the first instance please contact us at [email protected] for more information.